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As concerns university education, DCET guarantees and performs all forms of education in both compulsory and elective subjects on the bachelor, master and doctoral levels of study and in the projects at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences in five core branches of study:



Theoretical Telematics

Deals with design of transportation-telematics systems architecture, concepts formation and strategy of telematics systems implementation; quality control of telematics systems, system theory (dynamic alliances), new methods in telematics, quantum informatics, etc.



Traffic Control

Deals with the design and verifying of the ground traffic control systems with help of the other simulations and modeling tools in way to be realized criterion function of control at both levels, HW and SW.



Human Factor in Transportation

Includes design and verifying of the human-machine interface; includes realization of this interface with simulators. Also within this field, we offer cooperation with the group engaged in signals processing (EEG, EKG, etc.) and associated areas as assessing of the car controls elements, etc.

  • Special coordinator of the area is: doc. Ing. Petr Bouchner, PhD.



Identification and Navigation Systems

Deals with different navigation and identification systems / approaches / applications. The scope of this group covers systems of automatic emergency calls, systems of dynamic navigation, satellite systems for electronics toll systems, systems for dangerous loads transit tracking, etc. Particular area which is being dealt with are geographical information systems GIS. One of the goals is to establish a virtual laboratory for testing and certification of implied systems.



Safeness and Reliability of Telematics Systems and Equipment

Includes design, implementation, verifying and accreditation of different (ground and cosmic) telematics systems and associated equipment, especially systems of rail safety technology in such way, so demanded systems parameters will be guaranteed. Systems with testing and certification of chosen applications according to the valid directions and standards will be added.


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