Today, Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) influence all modes of transport in Europe. ITS continues to improve the safety of our roads, decrease journey times and encourage multimodal transport use - while at the same time, alleviate the impact of transport on the environment and improve the quality of everyone's life. ITS is gradually undergoing a transition from R&D; to the practical implementation. However, a major constraint in achieving successful ITS applications is the current lack of necessary knowledge and skills among transport professionals. The design, development, operation and maintenance of ITS requires a variety of new vocational methods and innovative techniques. The EC-supported ETNITE project aims to improve the scope and quality of ITS training and education in Europe. In the long term, high quality ITS training and education of students and professionals will lead to faster implementation of ITS applications for improved efficiency, safety and sustainability of European transport systems.

Essential visions of the Etnite project:
  • Harmonization of academic programs
  • Offering Education and training courses to different users of ITS systems

Etnite Consortium:
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