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Laboratory of Telematics

The Laboratory of Telematics (LT), which is part of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prag (CTU), was founded in 2001 and is focused on the practical needs of transportation in the public and private sector. The main goal of the laboratory is  Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS) research and development. The Laboratory of Telematics took the lead in the Czech research project “ITS in the transport and telecommunication conditions of the Czech Republic”, a project supported by the Ministry of Transport, which is addressing policy issues of ITS implementation and is the basis of an ITS strategy and architecture for the Czech Republic. The project addressed issues of cost-benefits and financial/business models for ITS services in the Czech Republic. The LT has established a well functioning working relationship with industry partners, such as the automobile industry, to develop and test the in-car telematics units and services. These include voice communication, on-line transport data broadcasting, and on-line navigation. Under leadership of the Laboratory of Telematics, several ITS research projects were successfully completed and implemented, to include RDS-TMC in the Czech Republic, and two Galileo pilot projects for application under conditions specific to the Republic. The Laboratory of Telematics has assisted in numerous EU research projects such as CASTLE, CAPTIVE, REMOVE, ETNITE, CITT, and others. The Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Transportation Sciences is the founding member of the Association for Transport  Telematics (ATT) in the Czech Republic and has a key role in the practical application of development and implementation of transport telematics applications.

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