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Information and organization instructions for the final state exams (státní závěrečnou zkoušku – SZZ)  

for students

of the following master’s study program
Intelligent Transport Systems


Contact person of the department K620: Světlana Lesová, tel.: 224 359 547, mail:


Master’s thesis

Submission deadline

·         by Tuesday 30. 05. 2017 insert the diploma thesis in the electronic form in the pdf format including all annex in the KOS system

·         by Tuesday 13. 06. 2017 deliver 2 copies of the master’s thesis at the secretary office of the department K620. One copy must contain the original of the master’s thesis assignment and the other copy of this assignment.


Instructions for the delivery of the master’s thesis

Before delivering the paper copy of the master’s thesis it is necessary to pick up the signed original of the assignment of the master’s thesis at the relevant department. (Relevant department is the department where the student has passed all the projects and where the theses has been assigned.)




When delivering the thesis at the relevant department, student leaves his contact details (name, telephone number, email).


Master’s thesis supervisor and opponent

·         Master’s thesis opponent is proposed by the supervisor of the thesis and the name of the opponent is inserted in the KOS system by Sunday 04. 06. 2017

·         The supervisor’s and opponent’s reports on the thesis are inserted in the KOS system by Friday 16.06. 2017

·         The department ensures the delivery of the opponent’s report.



If the student wishes to take the final state exam in June 2017 (next possible term is January 2018), he/she must by Monday 05. 06. 2017 apply for the check of the study results at the Study department and apply electronically in the KOS system for the final state exam.



Final state exams


Final state exams take place from  26. 06. 2017 till 30. 06. 2017. Exact dates will be set and inserted in the KOS system by 12. 06. 2017.

The time schedule of the final state exams will be Publisher after 12. 06. 2017 on the web pages of the faculty and of the department K620.


Information meeting takes place in Konvikt, room K314, the exact date and time will be published later. During the information meeting the students are informed on the organizational details of the final state exams and have the possibility to try their presentation and the technique.


Presentation of the master’s thesis (electronic form)

It is necessary to test the presentation in advance. At this occation students also announce the needed technical support of the presentation (PC, data projector). It is possible to bring the presentation to the information meeting. Students deliver the final presentation of the master’s thesis to the secretary of examination board latest one day before the state exam.


Course of the final state exam

The final state exam consists of three parts: 15 minutes presentation of the master’s thesis, 15 minutes questions to the master’s thesis, 15 minutes exams from the courses. Students are informed on the results after the end of the exam.


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