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File Reliability of Human Subject - Artifical System Interactions
Paper for ACTA POLYTECHNICA. Main problems related to reliability of interaction between human subject and artificial system (namely of the transportation character) are discussed. The paper consists of three mayor parts...
File Driving Simulators for HMI Research
Ing. Petr Bouchner - PhD. Thesis. This work presents a compact view on the discipline of driving simulation. It introduces some of world-class research driving simulators and problems of their design and construction as well. A validation of the simulator functions and validation of the experiments to be preformed on the driving simulator are described here. Then the requirements on such a device are analyzed and different approaches to visual, audio and motion cueing are discussed. The thesis in its second part describes using the driving simulators for research purposes. A complex system which involves a simulator incorporated into a set of measuring devices is described in detail, ways of data collection and analysis are shown. The last and most comprehensive chapter illustrates the possibilities of the driving simulator use through the mediation of the complex analyses of four experiments (which concurrently follows main ways of our investigation); the two experiments concerning driver’s fatigue, summarization of a set of HMI related measurements and the experiment focused on influence of an outer environment on driving.
File Challenge of Human Factor Influence for Car Safety
Human society needs still more intensive exploitation of all kinds of transportation facilities. This need lasts already several decades and will be much more imperative in future. Mobility is one of most strict requirements for survival, besides the energy and food resources, health care and security...
File Workshop 2007 - poster
Measurements qnd analysis of data measured feom real car driving used for development of research driving simulators. Author: Ing. Petr Bouchner; Coauthors: Ing. Stanislav Novotný, Ing. Roman Pieknik; Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Mirko Novák, DrSc.
Link Alternative methods of EEG signal analysis
Presented methods: Traditional methods- Fourier transform, Parametrical methods - Autoregressive estimator, Nonlinear methods - Chaos theory - Delay-time embedding, Correlation dimension, State Space dimension
Link Project of International Cooperation in the field of Micro-Sleeps Research Report No. LSS 116/2001
In this report the project of the systematic research in the field of human subject attention and of the reliability of his/her interaction with artificial system is proposed...
Link GUHA - a data mining method
GUHA method (General Unary Hypotheses Automaton)
Link The problem of detection of micro-sleep on human operator - Research Report No. LSS 113/2001
This paper discusses the decrease of attention of a human operator in course of his long term interaction with technical systems...
Link Project of Micro-Sleep Base - Research Report No. LSS 112/2001
In this report the project of the information based is presented, the aim of which is to store the necessary data and information for detection, analysis, classification and prediction of human subject attention decrease in the course of his/her artificial (namely technical) system operation and/or use (the Micro-Sleep Base - MSB)...
Link Problems of artificial system - human subject interaction reliability
The problem of interaction reliability between artificial system and human being (operator, user), though extremely important, is still not solved satisfactorily, even the control of dominant part of complex and complicated systems is now realized by computer or at least by computer assistance. ...
Link Reliability of man-system interaction and theory of neural networks operations
This talk concerns the problem of the reliability of interactions in complicated artificial systems involving the combination of artificial- and human- based functional blocks. Such composed systems are typical for many applications in present human society, appearing in science, industry, business, finance, medical care, transportation, defense etc. ...
Link Artificial systems operation - problems in safety and reliability
The problem of interface operation reliability,the problem of artificial system - human subject interaction reliability and the problem of tools and methods for system reliability and safety improvement.
Link Reliability and homogenisation of heterogenous systems
The concept of translation-ability is introduced with regard to reliability and safety of translation operations, which needs to be realized in any heterogeneous system.
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